Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back again.....and trying harder this time!!

Well, I finally logged back on to my blogger account, read some of my old posts, and realized that I really dropped the ball. I didn't really keep up with my blogging, or any of my hopes (lose weight). So here I am, back again, and giving it another try.

As I look out the window of my office it's lightly snowing right now. I love the snow, but this is my day off and we usually have Wednesday Wonders tonight. WW is 8 women who absolutly love to quilt, and love to share their love of quilting. We meet every other Wednesday in my basement. Someone brings a dish for dinner, and someone brings dessert. After we eat, chat and do show-n-tell, we sew. We started out as a group working on a Civil War Reproduction Quilt, but got sidetracked. Now we work on all sorts of things. We share ideas, fabrics, recipes and lives. Tonights meeting will probably be called off - due to snow. Oh well, we'll meet again in 2 weeks. We'll be working on a handtowel project. We try and do one project a month so we'll have Christmas gifts on hand come December.

So with the weather outside not cooperating, I'm heading to the basement, where the pellet stove is fired up, and I'm working on my father's BDay present. I'm making him a "tool" quilt. It's the tool shop fabric from a few years ago, made into a 43 x 65" quilt. Something to keep him warm. He'll be 85 on Feb. 15th, and I think this will be the perfect gift. Once I get it done I'll post a photo for all to see.

Until next time - do something exciting today!!!!

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