Sunday, September 2, 2012

It Was A Mondo kind of Day....

It was another Saturday and all the girls got together to do another fun project. A couple of us (Sandy & I) had already made Mondo Bags and showed it to everyone. (If you haven't seen or heard of them, check out Of course they "oooo'd" & "aahhh'd" and wanted to know when they could make them. Always happy to share with the girls, a day was picked and plans were made - the wheel were set in motion.
The girls arrived at 9AM, an hour earlier than a normal Saturday Sew, but this one was going to take a little time until they figured it out. We had plenty of snacks on hand, drinks, power cords, irons (5) and ironing boards. The stage was set and we were working on the task-at-hand.
I was impressed!! The girls had all chosen different fabrics, in different colors. The Mondo Bags were going to be impressive!!
They didn't all get bags done in one day, so the pictures below are from that Saturday and from the following Wednesday Wonders meeting night when those that came finished up what they started. Since then I know Janie has made 2 more bags, Vickie has also made 2 more bags. I myself am the proud owner of 2 Mondo Bags and 1 Midi Bag (also on the website).
And sew the process begins. Debbie sewing her grids.
Janie doing her grids. She's whipping right along. 
Hazel, getting a panel done. Looking good!!
pinning, & pinning, & those pins Vickie!!
It's a pressing situation....LOL
Love the colors!!!! Almost done!!
Debbie and Hazel, our 2 beautiful models, with their finished bags!!
What is Sandy laughing at.....something Georgette said?!
Barb stopped in to visit, and Anne was visiting from Florida and sewing with us.
Sandy's "Trip Around the World" Quilt top. What a beauty!!!!
And that was our day. We all had a great time, and memories were definitely made!! Love this group of ladies, and love getting together with them, whether it's for meeting night, Saturday Sew, shopping or Quilt Shows. These ladies are always fun!!!! And I'm usually always very tired after one of our "events".....I think it's from all the laughing!!!
Next time we'll be doing a Dresden Turkey table mat. Got the pattern from Check them out, they always have great deals and awesome tutorial videos!!