Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting for Sandy............

Well, I'm sitting here waiting for Sandy. For those of you who don't know, it's not my friend Sandy that lives down the road a piece. Nor is it the Sandi that lives a few hours away.'s that ugly Sandy that is churning up out in the ocean and headed our way. Hurricane Sandy is due to cause major problems around here starting this afternoon. DH, DD & DS have spent the last 3 days battening down the hatches, so to speak. Since we live in the  middle of the woods they have moved all the vehicles (and we have a lot) to my parents house. A couple of them ended up down the lane in the neighbors field, away from trees. The generators have been cleaned, checked, double checked and fueled up. DS and DB now have our extra generators. Water is stocked, along with food supplies. Who knows how long we'll be powerless. The only thing I'm praying for is that these tall trees all around our house stay strong and stand their ground. That is always my major worry, as well as DH's. So, I guess we're prepared. Now we're just sitting back and waiting for the worst. Well, actually, I'm getting ready to roast some veggies and bake some cookies, while I still have power.
Please keep everyone on the Northeastern coast in your prayers. We all appreciate any help we can get, and it looks like we're going to need it all.
On a lighter note. Here are pictures from one of our last "Saturday Sews" with the Wednesday Wonders. This time we were talking turkey. Well, sewing turkey(s). We're all ready for Thanksgiving with some beautiful Turkey Table Runners. I got the orignal pattern from my favorite place, Missouris Star Quilting ( After I started to make the sample for everyone to see, I made a few changes, which ended up being something I love. Some of the other ladies made the changes too, so now we all have something beautiful for our Thanksgiving Table. I'm thinking I may make this into a pattern to share. More on that later, when I have time. On with the pictures!!
Georgette surprised us with Turkey Day Trivia - complete with prizes!!
Sandy was deep in thought trying to answer the questions - they were tough!!
Sandi C. was in town for a visit so she came to sew. Loved having here back with us!!!
Hazel was working hard, and deep in thought.
Janie ironing her dresden plates - or Turkey Feathers - whatever way you want to look at it.
It's a pressing matter for Sandy.
We wore Georgette out again!!!!! Nap Time!!
This is the finished product. Can't figure out why it keeps turning sideways - sorry.
Close up of middle.
Close up of side and border.
Table Runner I made a couple years ago.
So. That's it for now. I'll post more stuff soon. Whenever the power comes back. For now I'm going to go do whatever I can before we lose electric. I'm praying that all my family and friends here on the East Coast weather the storm safely!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It Was A Mondo kind of Day....

It was another Saturday and all the girls got together to do another fun project. A couple of us (Sandy & I) had already made Mondo Bags and showed it to everyone. (If you haven't seen or heard of them, check out Of course they "oooo'd" & "aahhh'd" and wanted to know when they could make them. Always happy to share with the girls, a day was picked and plans were made - the wheel were set in motion.
The girls arrived at 9AM, an hour earlier than a normal Saturday Sew, but this one was going to take a little time until they figured it out. We had plenty of snacks on hand, drinks, power cords, irons (5) and ironing boards. The stage was set and we were working on the task-at-hand.
I was impressed!! The girls had all chosen different fabrics, in different colors. The Mondo Bags were going to be impressive!!
They didn't all get bags done in one day, so the pictures below are from that Saturday and from the following Wednesday Wonders meeting night when those that came finished up what they started. Since then I know Janie has made 2 more bags, Vickie has also made 2 more bags. I myself am the proud owner of 2 Mondo Bags and 1 Midi Bag (also on the website).
And sew the process begins. Debbie sewing her grids.
Janie doing her grids. She's whipping right along. 
Hazel, getting a panel done. Looking good!!
pinning, & pinning, & those pins Vickie!!
It's a pressing situation....LOL
Love the colors!!!! Almost done!!
Debbie and Hazel, our 2 beautiful models, with their finished bags!!
What is Sandy laughing at.....something Georgette said?!
Barb stopped in to visit, and Anne was visiting from Florida and sewing with us.
Sandy's "Trip Around the World" Quilt top. What a beauty!!!!
And that was our day. We all had a great time, and memories were definitely made!! Love this group of ladies, and love getting together with them, whether it's for meeting night, Saturday Sew, shopping or Quilt Shows. These ladies are always fun!!!! And I'm usually always very tired after one of our "events".....I think it's from all the laughing!!!
Next time we'll be doing a Dresden Turkey table mat. Got the pattern from Check them out, they always have great deals and awesome tutorial videos!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

2 More AWESOME Baskets!!

Well, here are 2 more AWESOME baskets!!!! My husband asked if it was ever going to stop. I told him "probably not". They are the cutest things, and pretty easy peasy to make. I have found that I can cut out 2 at a time, but who knows, I may try 4 at a time. Makes it an easy production line. I've also perfected machine sewing the binding on, so I don't have to hand tack it all (I don't mind binding quilts, but I like getting these done). Everyone loves them. Our group (The Wednesday Wonders) will be making these one Saturday in November. The ladies will all come over, learn how to make them, and then go home and make tons of them for Christmas presents!!! Just think how lucky someone is going to be to receive one of these filled with goodies!!!!
Found some twine to tie them with this time. Love that look!!
Autumn Leaf buttons on the side made a nice addition to the fall apple fabric.
Loved this fabric when I found it!! I used Muslin for the lining this time. Nobody really sees the inside, but if they do, they'll see my handy dandy quilting abilities on the creamy muslin.

So, can you tell I love these little baskets!!!! I know some people that will be very delighted this Christmas when they receive one of these filled with some of my homemade cookies. Which would be better.....the basket, or the cookies? Hmmmmm........good question!!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Project......

I bought this pattern book at the Hershey Quilt show just for this pattern. It was done up in Christmas fabrics and there were several of them. It looked cute. But pictures can be deceiving......but this one wasn't. I decided I'd give it a go, see what it looked like in person. I made it out of Halloween fabrics so I can fill it with cookies and give it to my Granddaughter for Halloween. I may make another for my parents, since it was pretty quick and easy. Check out the photos below. I'll have to find out the book and author name and update here later as that's all downstairs in my quilting room.
Side shot. Like my button choice!!
This view (above) shows the little part inside that covers the contents and ties with a drawstring.
Front view.

So how do you like it? I think it's adorable!! And it will hold at least a dozen cookies, if not more. I'm going to make some for Christmas too. When I do those I'll post for all to see. What a productive day for me. I have another cut out. I might go whip it together now.

**Addition: I found the book, it's called Hugs and Holly and you can find it at the Wooden Bear. Here's the link to their site:
I've made 2 bags like this one, and now I'm finishing up to in a more Fall motif. Everyone that has seen them loves them. And I agree, they are pure AWESOMENESS!!!!! I plan on making them for all the holidays and seasons. Perfect little baskets to have on hand when you need a little something to brighten someones day. Make 'em up ahead of time and when you need them, fill it with cookies, candy, sewing notions, a gift, whatever....and ta dah - instant awesome gift!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Little More Family.....

I decided I needed to post some other pictures that I had found on my cell phone. The first is of me and DH. He must love me, he's put up with me for 30 years. After a while I think it's just 'cause I'd be to hard to get rid of, I mean where would he hide the body....LOL. But all kidding aside, he loves me and I him. They say there's someone for everyone, you just have to find them. Well I believe that God knew we needed each other in life and he threw us together. We dated on and off while I was in high school (unbeknownst to my parents - he's 10 yrs. older). I went off to college and when I came back we started dating again. I think that's when we knew we were done - BOOM - we got married. Then came the first child, with another 12 yrs. later (I didn't say we were smart - LOL). So now we're stuck like glue!!
We moved back out to where we both grew up, after living in our first house 20 yrs. That's a lot to move, and I don't think we'll be doing it again!! We moved into a house across from my parents (pictured below). My Mom & Dad are in their mid-80's and still very active. They live in the house I grew up in, maintain a huge garden and the yard, and have a good social life. They impress me every day and I'm so proud to call them "Mom" & "Dad".

Dad, Me, Mom and my Brother
Our Granddaughter Hannah (pictured below) came along a little over 3 years ago. She is growing by leaps and bounds!!!! And she's smart as a whip. She doesn't miss a trick. Her Mom and Dad have their hands full keeping up with her, and now that Grams bought her this snazzy car to drive it's even harder. She loves driving around the yard and up and down the sidewalks in her neighborhood. She's taken one of the dogs for a little ride (very little), some of her friends, and even her other grandmother.
This last picture (below) is of one of my BFF's of many many years. Janie, my partner in crime. Since we moved back to my old town Janie is also now a neighbor that lives right down the road from me. We tend to go on a few road trips together (and try to stay out of trouble), and spend some Saturdays and Sundays in my basement working on quilting projects. This picture was taken on one of our "road trips". We went to MAQ last year for 4 days of quilting at St. Mary's College. This was from one of Janie's classes she took. I don't think she ever finished this one as she wasn't happy with the colors. Maybe I'll be able to convience her to finish it one day!!
So there you have it. Just a little glimpse into some of my life. I'll try to find some more pictures of family, friends and nuttyness, and post them here for all to see. Till then........ Smile, it makes everyone wonder what you're up to!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Freedom" Day of Quilting with the Ladies

Our Wednesday Wonders Quilting group has started a once-a-month Saturday Quilt Day. We've lined up some projects we'd like to do and think we could pretty much accomplish in a day, unless you're over achievers and want to make more than one (that would be me!!).

So on Saturday, June 23rd, the ladies converiged on my basement and we set about sewing the "Freedom" pattern from Nellie's Needle ( It's a great pattern, as you can make either a Quilt, Tablerunner or Table Topper. You can use either true red, white and blue fabrics, or you can go with the more country/primitive/civil war renditions of these colors. Either way you can't loose as the end product is great. To the right is Sandy, taking care of some pressing matters....LOL.

We had a large selection across the board. Some made the quilts, some the runners, and I adapted the pattern to make beautiful door hangers. We all also did our own thing when it came to the applique stars. Some did the buttonhook stitch, some decorative, some straight line. Some used matching thread on the stars, and some used either red or blue. Everyone was very creative.
Here's Janie, Georgette and Debbie with their Tablerunners. Notice Debbie chose to use Yellow fabric for her stars, and Janie & Georgette lef theirs longer for their tables.
Here's Sandy with her Tablerunner. She also left hers longer. Her use of true red, white and blue was great. I loved the pureness of the white, it made everything pop!!
Here's Barb (top) and Hazel (bottom) with their Quilts!! They would be wonderful to sit on and watch the fireworks from on the 4th of July. Need one of these for next year!!

Georgette finally working!!

Barb helping Hazel with some machine issues.

Debbie pinning to get ready to quilt.

Janie in deep thought, working on her stripes.

Poor Georgette, we wore her out!!
And so, we all went home with either a finshed project, or one not far from being finished. I managed to finish all 3 of my door hangers, and now they reside at my Mother's (on her back door), at my Daughter-in-Laws, and at my house. Love how they look hanging on the door!!!

Our next project with be Mondo Bags. These are awesomely huge bags that you can carry a ton of stuff in, or a quilt you're working on. I'll make sure to post pics from that adventure as well. Till then......

Happy Quilting!!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

So Look What I Got Into....

I got lucky....yep, but it's not what you're thinking (get your mind out of the gutter!!). A friend of a friend decided to sell her HandiQuilter and guess who the first person was she asked to buy it? Give up? Yep, it's me. I am now the proud owner of a barely used HandiQuilter Sixteen. It's living in my basement and it's working out just great!!!! I've quilted one top, that was finished in 2010. It was suppose to be a birthday gift for my Mom. So she gets it a couple years late, she'll like it anyway...LOL.

So this is it. My design used with Twist 'n Turn

Loved the panel so much I bought 2 and made myself a quilt too. It was loaded onto the HandiQuilter last night and will be done in a few days. I actually have a drawer in one of my cabinets that has quilt tops that are finished just waiting to be quilted. There are 3 more I think, along with a couple table runners and a Christmas Tree Skirt. At this rate I might get them all done before Fall gets here.

On a different note, spent this past Saturday with Hubby's family in PA. Had an awesome day and my granddaughter got to meet a lot of relatives she didn't know she had. She had an awesome time's a picture to prove it!!

This was after a long day of swimming, boat rides and generally just running around. And she still had energy!! Amazing. I was exhausted just sitting in the heat, eating crabs and watching everyone else play. Oh to have her energy!!

Hopefully next post will include pictures of 2 table runners I've finished, along with a door hanging, and the other quilt. Wish me luck, and stay out of the heat!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Fun....

Spent an awesome St. Patty's day Saturday with 4 of my quilting buddies/friends. We went to Lancaster for the Quilt show. Never really made it to the big show, went to the 2 smaller shows, and still found and bought a bunch of stuff!! We also managed to make it to a couple quilt shops and found some great bargains.

I managed to spend yesterday at Patient First. Started out getting little chest pains on Saturday, nothing I thought I needed to worry about. But they continued into the evening and on into Sunday. Hubby said to go, so I went. After: blood pressure - fine; pulse - fine; EKG - fine; pulse ox - fine; chest xray - fine; and blood work - fine; apparently I have an inflamation in my chest/rib area that is causing the pain. Something about tearing or pinching cartlidge attached to my ribs. What a releif, although the pain is still annoying. So I'm off work today, a little rest and recovery from no sleep on Saturday night. Warm compresses to the area and anti inflammatory meds. Doc said this could take a few weeks to go away. Guess I'll just have to excersise some patience....LOL.

Oh, finally finished and delivered my father's quilt!! He loves it and is using it already. Here's the picture I promised, although not the best one as I had no one around to hold it up for me.

And can't remember if I posted any of these before, but here are the table runner and placemats I did this year for my new dinning room table. I made 12 placemats in all.

This is a small wall hanging I made for my Mom to give to one of her friends for her 80th birthday. She loved it, and so did my Mom. So now I have to make her one. (don't know why it won't rotate to the proper position - sorry).

And this is one of the many Christmas ornaments I made to give away this past Christmas. They are quick, easy and wonderful gifts. Everyone loved them. I made about 15 and put them in a large box. Everyone got to pick which one they wanted. I kept a few to hang on my tree, but I'm going to make more for different holidays as I have a holiday tree in my dinning room.

Well, that's about it for today. I'm going to head to the basement and sew. Not sure what I'm getting in to, but I'll post it when I'm done.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wonderful Valentine's Day

What an awesome Valentine's Day. Got up early, cleaned up, dressed and off we went - hubby, best friend and myself. We headed off to PA and the farmers market. First stop was breakfast though, at a cute little dinner we often hit before a day of shopping.

Then on to the Farmers Market. There's always so much to see. Ended up with some homemade goodies for snacking, bags of candy for Valentine's treats for friends, produce, homemade soaps for our daughter, and some other delights. Love going to this place, but it's only open on Tuesdays. But as the weather gets warmer the outdoor vendors start showing up and then there's a whole flea market to go through as well. Always a wonderful trip.

And then it was off to Texas Roadhouse for Valentine's Day Dinner. Love love love their food. We had an awesome dinner, good friends, great conversation!!!! Then we did just a wee bit more shopping and then it was time to head back home.

Monday found me attending a class with another good friend of mine. We were learning how to make rag rugs. We purchased the looms from our teacher, whose husband made them for us. The process is interesting, and I thought it was pretty easy. Relaxing. My girlfriend and I both said we could see ourselves sitting and doing this and saying "just 15 more minutes, I'm only going to work on it for another 15 minutes"....and then a couple hours later going "uh oh". I'll take some pictures and post them for all to see as I progress through the weaving process. It's a great way to use up your scraps, and come up with some beautiful rag rugs for your home.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ho hum day...

Today is a work day for me. I work shift work, 12 hour days, which some people say "ick" when they hear it. But then you have to look at it the other way. I work 2 days, I'm off 2 days, and every other weekend is a 3 day off weekend (of course every opposite weekend is a 3 day work weekend). All-in-all it's not that bad. I can schedule appointments on my days off (since they fall during the week). I can take long weekends to do things, or travel, or Quilt.

My Mom likes it because I'm off some days during the week and I take her places. We go to Pennsylvania to Amish country, the farmers market, the outlets, whatever. Hubby likes it because we can plan different things and we get to spend time together. It's a win-win situation.

I worked on my father's quilt some more last night. I did all the straight line quilting on it, and then I got out my BSR foot. I did a couple places, as I keep hanging it over the edge of the ironing board and thinking "it could use a little something here". Eventually I'll have to stop doing that or I'll never get it done. I just have a few more things to do in the boarders and then I can put the binding on. It's already made, just waiting to be stitched on.

Well, it's almost time for me to head home. The skies have been a bit dreary here all day and there has been talk of snow overnight.  I love the thought of snow, but I also hate the thought of snow when I work. That means I have to be the one to shovel the sidewalks around here. That ought to do my back wonders!! Oh well, what's a woman to do?!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Someone poke me.....I need a push!!

Seems like it's one of those days. Just can't seem to get motivated. There's a quilt sitting on my machine in the basement screaming out my name, and I really need to get down there and get it finished. It's a quilt for my father who turns 85 next Wednesday. Hopefully it will be quilted today and the binding sewed  on so I can get that finished and wrapped. I work shift work, so I'm working Friday, Saturday &  Sunday, but maybe I can sneak in a little binding.

Since I'm new at getting this blog up and running again, I thought I'd post some pictures of some of the things I've made during my quilting life.

This was a Trick or Treat bag I made for our Granddaughter.
I love it and want to make a couple more for other friends kids.
It's just the right size for a little one!!

This is a table mat I made and gave to my Mother a few years back.
Can't remember where I  got the  pattern from, but I have 3 more made in the basement to be quilted. I think I'll keep one, and the other 2 will be gifts to a couple dear friends.

This is the label I put on the back of the mat. I'm getting better about labeling my quilts.

Here is a table runner I made for my cousin and his finance for their bridal shower.
It's and easy peasy pattern that whips up  quick with just 3 fat quarters.

We have a group that meets here at my  house  every other Wednesday to quilt. We call ourselves the "Wednesday Wonders". That's because we wonder who will show up from meeting to meeting, and we wonder what we'll get accomplished. The group was started to do our Civil War Tribute quilts, but those are in bags and drawers somewhere, waiting for us to get them out again. Other projects got in the way, so the Civil War Quilts were set aside....for now.

This is Sandy, on of the "Wonders". I think we were actually working on  our Civil War Quilt when this was taken. Sandy is a dear friend of mine, and a great teacher to us all. She's always there to help when we stumble upon a problem. And her and I are always coming up with  ideas for things to make.

Janie -  another "Wonder", and dear friend. She's down the road from me,  so we're in contact all the time. We're always working on  something together, or getting into something...LOL.

And then there's Wanda. Wanda dabbles in a little bit of everything. She quilts with  us, sometimes. But sometimes she  brings her  cross-stitch. She does beautiful work!!!! She also  makes jewelry. I have  several bracelets she made me, and  they're awesome!! She's a busy woman, with family here and in Arizona. We never know when we'll see her.

There are 8 of us total, for now. We have room for 10, and I have a lady interested in joining us. We all  really look forward to our Wednesdays. It's a great night out, doing something we love, with people we love!!

And this was the first quilt I finished. It's actually just a  sampler size. Sandy taught me, in her beginning  quilt class, the 2nd time I took it. Yes, I took it twice. The first time I  took it we made something different, that was harder and I haven't finished it yet (but I will). The second time, I knew how to quilt, but my dear friend Wanda wanted to learn so I took it again with her. Love this sampler. I hang it over the back of an antique church chair at Christmas.

Well, I've skirted the issue of getting my butt moving long enough. I'm now off to be productive. I'll post some more pictures next time, and hopefully one will be of my father's quilt!!!!