Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Fun....

Spent an awesome St. Patty's day Saturday with 4 of my quilting buddies/friends. We went to Lancaster for the Quilt show. Never really made it to the big show, went to the 2 smaller shows, and still found and bought a bunch of stuff!! We also managed to make it to a couple quilt shops and found some great bargains.

I managed to spend yesterday at Patient First. Started out getting little chest pains on Saturday, nothing I thought I needed to worry about. But they continued into the evening and on into Sunday. Hubby said to go, so I went. After: blood pressure - fine; pulse - fine; EKG - fine; pulse ox - fine; chest xray - fine; and blood work - fine; apparently I have an inflamation in my chest/rib area that is causing the pain. Something about tearing or pinching cartlidge attached to my ribs. What a releif, although the pain is still annoying. So I'm off work today, a little rest and recovery from no sleep on Saturday night. Warm compresses to the area and anti inflammatory meds. Doc said this could take a few weeks to go away. Guess I'll just have to excersise some patience....LOL.

Oh, finally finished and delivered my father's quilt!! He loves it and is using it already. Here's the picture I promised, although not the best one as I had no one around to hold it up for me.

And can't remember if I posted any of these before, but here are the table runner and placemats I did this year for my new dinning room table. I made 12 placemats in all.

This is a small wall hanging I made for my Mom to give to one of her friends for her 80th birthday. She loved it, and so did my Mom. So now I have to make her one. (don't know why it won't rotate to the proper position - sorry).

And this is one of the many Christmas ornaments I made to give away this past Christmas. They are quick, easy and wonderful gifts. Everyone loved them. I made about 15 and put them in a large box. Everyone got to pick which one they wanted. I kept a few to hang on my tree, but I'm going to make more for different holidays as I have a holiday tree in my dinning room.

Well, that's about it for today. I'm going to head to the basement and sew. Not sure what I'm getting in to, but I'll post it when I'm done.