Thursday, February 9, 2012

Someone poke me.....I need a push!!

Seems like it's one of those days. Just can't seem to get motivated. There's a quilt sitting on my machine in the basement screaming out my name, and I really need to get down there and get it finished. It's a quilt for my father who turns 85 next Wednesday. Hopefully it will be quilted today and the binding sewed  on so I can get that finished and wrapped. I work shift work, so I'm working Friday, Saturday &  Sunday, but maybe I can sneak in a little binding.

Since I'm new at getting this blog up and running again, I thought I'd post some pictures of some of the things I've made during my quilting life.

This was a Trick or Treat bag I made for our Granddaughter.
I love it and want to make a couple more for other friends kids.
It's just the right size for a little one!!

This is a table mat I made and gave to my Mother a few years back.
Can't remember where I  got the  pattern from, but I have 3 more made in the basement to be quilted. I think I'll keep one, and the other 2 will be gifts to a couple dear friends.

This is the label I put on the back of the mat. I'm getting better about labeling my quilts.

Here is a table runner I made for my cousin and his finance for their bridal shower.
It's and easy peasy pattern that whips up  quick with just 3 fat quarters.

We have a group that meets here at my  house  every other Wednesday to quilt. We call ourselves the "Wednesday Wonders". That's because we wonder who will show up from meeting to meeting, and we wonder what we'll get accomplished. The group was started to do our Civil War Tribute quilts, but those are in bags and drawers somewhere, waiting for us to get them out again. Other projects got in the way, so the Civil War Quilts were set aside....for now.

This is Sandy, on of the "Wonders". I think we were actually working on  our Civil War Quilt when this was taken. Sandy is a dear friend of mine, and a great teacher to us all. She's always there to help when we stumble upon a problem. And her and I are always coming up with  ideas for things to make.

Janie -  another "Wonder", and dear friend. She's down the road from me,  so we're in contact all the time. We're always working on  something together, or getting into something...LOL.

And then there's Wanda. Wanda dabbles in a little bit of everything. She quilts with  us, sometimes. But sometimes she  brings her  cross-stitch. She does beautiful work!!!! She also  makes jewelry. I have  several bracelets she made me, and  they're awesome!! She's a busy woman, with family here and in Arizona. We never know when we'll see her.

There are 8 of us total, for now. We have room for 10, and I have a lady interested in joining us. We all  really look forward to our Wednesdays. It's a great night out, doing something we love, with people we love!!

And this was the first quilt I finished. It's actually just a  sampler size. Sandy taught me, in her beginning  quilt class, the 2nd time I took it. Yes, I took it twice. The first time I  took it we made something different, that was harder and I haven't finished it yet (but I will). The second time, I knew how to quilt, but my dear friend Wanda wanted to learn so I took it again with her. Love this sampler. I hang it over the back of an antique church chair at Christmas.

Well, I've skirted the issue of getting my butt moving long enough. I'm now off to be productive. I'll post some more pictures next time, and hopefully one will be of my father's quilt!!!!


  1. Welcome to becoming a follower on my blog. I popped over to visit you and found Halloween items. A favorite time of year for me. I hope you get as much enjoyment from blogging as I do.

    1. Halloween and Fall are my most favorite times of the year!!! As my stash shows my true colors. I'm hoping this blogging will be a good thing for me too. Thanks for stopping in!!