Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting for Sandy............

Well, I'm sitting here waiting for Sandy. For those of you who don't know, it's not my friend Sandy that lives down the road a piece. Nor is it the Sandi that lives a few hours away.'s that ugly Sandy that is churning up out in the ocean and headed our way. Hurricane Sandy is due to cause major problems around here starting this afternoon. DH, DD & DS have spent the last 3 days battening down the hatches, so to speak. Since we live in the  middle of the woods they have moved all the vehicles (and we have a lot) to my parents house. A couple of them ended up down the lane in the neighbors field, away from trees. The generators have been cleaned, checked, double checked and fueled up. DS and DB now have our extra generators. Water is stocked, along with food supplies. Who knows how long we'll be powerless. The only thing I'm praying for is that these tall trees all around our house stay strong and stand their ground. That is always my major worry, as well as DH's. So, I guess we're prepared. Now we're just sitting back and waiting for the worst. Well, actually, I'm getting ready to roast some veggies and bake some cookies, while I still have power.
Please keep everyone on the Northeastern coast in your prayers. We all appreciate any help we can get, and it looks like we're going to need it all.
On a lighter note. Here are pictures from one of our last "Saturday Sews" with the Wednesday Wonders. This time we were talking turkey. Well, sewing turkey(s). We're all ready for Thanksgiving with some beautiful Turkey Table Runners. I got the orignal pattern from my favorite place, Missouris Star Quilting ( After I started to make the sample for everyone to see, I made a few changes, which ended up being something I love. Some of the other ladies made the changes too, so now we all have something beautiful for our Thanksgiving Table. I'm thinking I may make this into a pattern to share. More on that later, when I have time. On with the pictures!!
Georgette surprised us with Turkey Day Trivia - complete with prizes!!
Sandy was deep in thought trying to answer the questions - they were tough!!
Sandi C. was in town for a visit so she came to sew. Loved having here back with us!!!
Hazel was working hard, and deep in thought.
Janie ironing her dresden plates - or Turkey Feathers - whatever way you want to look at it.
It's a pressing matter for Sandy.
We wore Georgette out again!!!!! Nap Time!!
This is the finished product. Can't figure out why it keeps turning sideways - sorry.
Close up of middle.
Close up of side and border.
Table Runner I made a couple years ago.
So. That's it for now. I'll post more stuff soon. Whenever the power comes back. For now I'm going to go do whatever I can before we lose electric. I'm praying that all my family and friends here on the East Coast weather the storm safely!!!!