Saturday, August 11, 2012

2 More AWESOME Baskets!!

Well, here are 2 more AWESOME baskets!!!! My husband asked if it was ever going to stop. I told him "probably not". They are the cutest things, and pretty easy peasy to make. I have found that I can cut out 2 at a time, but who knows, I may try 4 at a time. Makes it an easy production line. I've also perfected machine sewing the binding on, so I don't have to hand tack it all (I don't mind binding quilts, but I like getting these done). Everyone loves them. Our group (The Wednesday Wonders) will be making these one Saturday in November. The ladies will all come over, learn how to make them, and then go home and make tons of them for Christmas presents!!! Just think how lucky someone is going to be to receive one of these filled with goodies!!!!
Found some twine to tie them with this time. Love that look!!
Autumn Leaf buttons on the side made a nice addition to the fall apple fabric.
Loved this fabric when I found it!! I used Muslin for the lining this time. Nobody really sees the inside, but if they do, they'll see my handy dandy quilting abilities on the creamy muslin.

So, can you tell I love these little baskets!!!! I know some people that will be very delighted this Christmas when they receive one of these filled with some of my homemade cookies. Which would be better.....the basket, or the cookies? Hmmmmm........good question!!!!!


  1. The basket WITH the cookies is the only way to go! They are really sweet~ :)